Tight Globes

Apr 8

New Human Eye album from Goner Records!

There are some perks to keeping up a blog.  One of ‘em is getting to check out some records ahead of their release date!  Such is the case with Human Eye’s ‘4: Into The Unknown’ which will be released on 4/30 by the mighty Goner Records.  Although I mostly know Timmy Vulgar’s work from Timmy’s Organism, Human Eye is a full-fledged combo that explodes on each track.  Fuzz?  Check.  Scuzz?  Check.  Bluesy future-punk riffage?  Check.  Human Eye honors the likes of Blue Cheer, MC5 and even a little Black Sabbath throughout the record but keeps it in tune with garage-punk leanings.  Much like Mudhoney and Tad before them, Human Eye takes their own approach to classic influences and stomps on the gas pedal while aiming straight ahead.  The results sound fresh in an age of immense audio clutter.  Preview a track below and check out the album cover while you’re at it.  I’m sensing a theme…